Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! As Ontario lawyers, we can provide services to clients throughout Ontario.

No. At Corporate Law Express we provide specific legal services at fixed fees. We do not give advice about documents drafted by anyone else (lawyer or non-lawyer).

Once we have spoken with you over the phone about the information necessary to do the work, and after you have paid our fee, we provide a 1-business day turnaround.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and email money transfer.

When you work with Corporate Law Express, we will prepare for you a fully customized legal product. You will not need to fill in any blanks or make any guesses. One of our lawyers will speak directly with you to understand what you need, and we will then provide you with the completed legal work. Don’t spend your money on downloadable legal forms when you can have a Corporate Law Express do the work for you!

Call us or book an appointment, and you will find out! One of our experienced lawyers will be happy to answer your questions – no middle-person involved!