A solid legal foundation is critical to the operation and growth of any business. We are corporate lawyers and business lawyers in Ontario and we created Corporate Law Express to help businesses establish this foundation quickly and cost effectively. We offer only those corporate law services most frequently sought by businesses, all on a fixed fee basis. No more billable hour guesswork involved!

We offer incorporation services to help you launch your business, and shareholders agreements to properly document the relationship and responsibilities among your partners. We put together your website terms of use and privacy policies to get your website up and running (and compliant!). We draft your employment agreements and independent contractor agreements (and stock option plans) to put your team in place, and your non-disclosure agreements to protect your information. We’ll also help keep your minute books and corporate records up to date.

When you work with Corporate Law Express, you work directly with experienced corporate lawyers in Toronto (no middle person involved). We know which questions to ask to gather the right information and give you what you need quickly and efficiently. Being Ontario commercial lawyers and business lawyers means more than just practicing corporate law. We’re business minded and we understand what businesses need (and what they don’t need). We pride ourselves on our client service, making sure that our clients get the service they need at the price we promise, but also making sure that the client experience is a happy one.

Don’t DIY your important legal documents when you can work with us!

What Sets Us Apart