Non Disclosure Agreements

Safeguard your Confidential Information

Before you disclose any of your valuable confidential information to anybody outside your business, you should always make sure to have a proper non-disclosure agreement compliant with Ontario law in place. Not all non-disclosure agreements are created equally! Using confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement forms that you download from the Internet is risky and can put your valuable confidential information in jeopardy. These forms often come from other jurisdictions and may not be suitable for your business purposes.

We can prepare individual non-disclosure agreements under Ontario law for you, or provide you with a template form that works for your business to use on an ongoing basis so you never need to worry about cobbling together something you download from the Internet again!

Key Terms

There are a few key terms that you should always consider for your non-disclosure agreements under Ontario law:

  1. Length of the agreement.
  2. What happens to any confidential information after the agreement ends (whether it needs to be returned, destroyed, etc.).
  3. Who the information can be disclosed to.
  4. What the information can be used for.
  5. What information should be included, and what information should be excluded, from confidentiality requirements.


Non Disclosure Agreements

  • Includes:
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
  • 30 Minute Consultation with a Lawyer
  • 1 Free Round of Revisions